Join my (virtual) Sangha

Hi all!

I am creating a (virtual) Sangha following the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Thich Nhat Hanh.

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What is a Sangha?

A Sangha, संघ in Sanskrit, is a community, an assembly. This term has a special meaning in Mahayana Buddhism, as it refers to the community of people who practice.

Thich Nhat Hanh says that

a Sangha is a community of resistance, resisting the speed, violence, and unwholesome ways of living that are prevalent in our society.

And a Sangha is an active community, where we meet, practice meditation and mindfulness, where we stay together (virtually in this Covid period and also to let people from everywhere in the world joining us), where we rejoin and recreate the universal connection between beings that this world is trying to break.
Most of all, we practice love and acceptance.

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A Sangha is also a school of life, where we learn, teach, and practice, so to understand and love one another, as no one is to be considered greater or lesser, no one is to be judged, no one is to be left behind.

Each of us is unique and has been given unique gifts. So, we all are different in our being all equal.

Each member of the sangha can, and is invited to contribute to the community to promote a society where can all live together, without greed, useless accumulation, social injustice.

We are all interconnected.

We will meet regularly and practice meditation, welcoming young practitioners and beginners, then you will be guided into the practice by me, so you don’t need any special knowledge to join us.

Each meeting (usually it’s a 60 to 90 minutes gathering) will have an introduction, a social moment for speaking about us, the practice, the teachings, the sharing and the Dana (contributions to the Sangha), and a closing.

If you are interested in joining the Sangha, contact me and/or comment this post.

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