Your life’s book

When it comes to your life, story, and journey, the only book and author you should read and follow it’s yourself. Write your book.

MMQG enables you to be the author of your own life’s book.

It all comes from inside us

What makes us progress, grow, be happy, find our purpose, and succeed does not come from outside, but only from inside us.

MMQG is a discipline that empowers yourself from within, by letting you understand yourself.


Whatever we show about us has its hidden roots in who we really are, what we really need, why we really do things the way we do.

MMQG develops your real being holistically, using effective practices as meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong.

Life-long learning

When we stop learning and being curious, we become old. Life-long learning keeps us holistically engaged, vibrant, and healthy.

MMQG is perfect for a life-long journey into learning and practicing every single day new skills.


We should take care, cultivate, foster our bodies, minds, and souls just as a gardener, weeding out all the wrong, useless things.

MMQG is perfect for taking care of all of your being. Body, mind, and soul will be fostered so that you can start weeding out what is limiting your life.

Be better than yesterday

Even if we still have not found our purpose in life, we can surely do one thing: work every day to be better than the previous one


As holistic beings, we should become able to efficiently use not just our bodies, but our minds and souls as well, to heal & grow.

MMQG is perfect for growing in a holistic, healthy, and efficient way your body, mind, and soul.

Welcome the commitment

There is one thing that must be always present to grow and progress: welcoming the commitment needed to improve ourselves.

MMQG helps you change by developing awareness, compassion, and commitment.

Growth is a lifelong process we have full control over, and commitment to changing is essential to our progress.

Lesson with GM Kernspecht

Yesterday I attended a lesson with GM Kernspecht.

It was amazing to learn from him and talk about Yi, Qi, and Li applied to MMQG Qi Gong and his EWTO Wing Tsun, made by 50% internal and 50% external elements.

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