Let’s start our journey!

The cost of not welcoming change is becoming more disappointed by what we didn’t do than by what we did.Let’s start our journey! MMQG is the perfect way to start your own inner journey. Give it a try and start improving yourself!

Without control

If we lack awareness, whatever will happen will let us react without control.Do not let external events govern our actions. MMQG practice is perfect for freeing you from external influences. It teaches you how to reclaim awareness of your body, mind, and soul, freeing you to choose what is the best choice.

Empathy and awareness

Everyone is talented in a specific form of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is one of them. Trust your empathy and awareness.


Whatever we show about us has its hidden roots in who we really are, what we really need, why we really do things the way we do. MMQG develops your real being holistically, using effective practices as meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong.


We should take care, cultivate, foster our bodies, minds, and souls just as a gardener, weeding out all the wrong, useless things. MMQG is perfect for taking care of all of your being. Body, mind, and soul will be fostered so that you can start weeding out what is limiting your life.

Be better than yesterday

Even if we still have not found our purpose in life, we can surely do one thing: work every day to be better than the previous one


As holistic beings, we should become able to efficiently use not just our bodies, but our minds and souls as well, to heal & grow. MMQG is perfect for growing in a holistic, healthy, and efficient way your body, mind, and soul.

What do you feel during energy healing?

I get asked quite often “What do you feel during an energy healing session?“. As a energy healer, I want to give an answer that describes and encompasses most of the common sensations you could experience during a healing session. If you are new to energy healing, the first thing that I would ask youContinue reading “What do you feel during energy healing?”

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