Growing Self-esteem

When our feelings are low, so is our self-esteem.We have to understand what is troubling us before becoming able to change it. MMQG can be the perfect tool to grow your self-esteem by practicing meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong.

Welcome the commitment

There is one thing that must be always present to grow and progress: welcoming the commitment needed to improve ourselves. MMQG helps you change by developing awareness, compassion, and commitment. Growth is a lifelong process we have full control over, and commitment to changing is essential to our progress.

Change your life for better with coaching

Are you blocked into your own thoughts and beliefs or are you convinced that there is a chance to change yourself? As there are literally endless opportunities out there, doesn’t it make sense to spend your life doing something you LOVE and makes you feel HAPPY? You could start today, with just a small coachingContinue reading “Change your life for better with coaching”

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