It all comes from inside us

What makes us progress, grow, be happy, find our purpose, and succeed does not come from outside, but only from inside us. MMQG is a discipline that empowers yourself from within, by letting you understand yourself.

How to find your purpose

If you want to be fulfilled, successful, happy, you should learn how to find your purpose in your personal, professional, spiritual life. Without having a life purpose acting as a holistic compass to guide you, your choices, your activities, even your goals and plans will not completely fulfill you. In this post, I want to addressContinue reading “How to find your purpose”

Group Coaching

It’s time to change your life! Fancy some group coaching? From Mid-August, 4 brand new groups: Find Your Purpose Achieve Your Goals Holistic Coaching Wellness and Nutrition Come and join me in your journey toward your best version! More info at:

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