Life-long learning

When we stop learning and being curious, we become old. Life-long learning keeps us holistically engaged, vibrant, and healthy. MMQG is perfect for a life-long journey into learning and practicing every single day new skills.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong are tools

Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong are tools to let you grow awareness, compassion, commitment, getting used to love you & others.

Try this as your first meditation

Many ask me how to start meditating, which is the best practice to follow, how can they understand if meditation could fit in their schedule, so I want to give you a meditation primer, here. The following meditation practice is one of the most simple, yet extremely effective ones. It can be done in everyContinue reading “Try this as your first meditation”

How to meditate

A question that I am continuously asked is: “How to meditate?“ Meditation is an essential, amazing tool to promote deep-reaching, long-lasting positive changes and benefits into your life: its practice lowers stress levels, helps managing anxiety and fears, reduces pain and discomfort, improves commitment, compassion, awareness, increases our focus and concentration skills, grows our abilityContinue reading “How to meditate”

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