Life-long learning

When we stop learning and being curious, we become old. Life-long learning keeps us holistically engaged, vibrant, and healthy. MMQG is perfect for a life-long journey into learning and practicing every single day new skills.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong are tools

Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong are tools to let you grow awareness, compassion, commitment, getting used to love you & others.

MMQG Qi Gong Seminar

Some days ago I participated to Deann Rae Jensen‘s Virtual Retreat. I gave an introduction session to MMQG and its meditation and Qi Gong parts. In this video, you will find MMQG Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin and Abdominal Breathing practices. MMQG has a holistic approach to help and heal your body, mind, and soulContinue reading “MMQG Qi Gong Seminar”

Benefits of Qi Gong practice

Many ask me some details about the benefits coming from practicing Qi Gong MMQG Kizendo uses a specific adaptation of traditional Qi Gong exercises and practices to foster one’s body, mind, and soul connection. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diseases arise when the harmonious flow of life energy Qi through the body is disturbed.Through the flowingContinue reading “Benefits of Qi Gong practice”

What I do for my body, mind, and soul every day

I have been asked, by a reader, what do I do for my body, mind, and soul every day. As this is an intelligent question, I want to answer properly. I practice, and teach, every day MMQG: Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong. This is the most effective tool I have personally developed to improve myself andContinue reading “What I do for my body, mind, and soul every day”

MMQG Qi Gong rooting exercise

Rooting is a key exercise and practice in MMQG Qi Gong as well as in most Neijia – 內家 (Internal Martial Arts) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps to calm down your mind through the increased stability of your body. This exercise has its origins in millenary Daoist practices. During the first half ofContinue reading “MMQG Qi Gong rooting exercise”

Qi Development – part 1

Qi is our vital energy, is what connects us with the universe, and represents in a certain way, that we are the universe. There are twelve phases of qi development in MMQG. These are divided into 3 major groups: feeling, awareness, development. In this first post I will describe the first two steps of theContinue reading “Qi Development – part 1”

MMQG Qi Gong for self-awareness

This MMQG Qi Gong exercise is designed to help you grow your self-awareness coordinating your mind and your body in a single, fluid energy flow. I developed this method to overcome my own limits and to start learn how to use my own energy to heal my weaknesses and grow. To find all the otherContinue reading “MMQG Qi Gong for self-awareness”

MMQG Qi Gong standing routine

This MMQG Qi Gong standing routine will help you fight your self-limiting, negative habits, letting you relax and start working on your own energy. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to watch the live videos on Facebook. Plus, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

MMQG Qi Gong Practice #3

MMQG Qi Gong can be performed completely relaxed or in a “martial” way, using force and muscle contraction. You can choose the way you prefer, or even mixing the two. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to watch the live videos on Facebook. Plus, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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