The secret of every achievement, success, fulfillment is to put our whole body, mind, soul, abilities into whatever we are doing. MMQG is designed to holistically help you reach your own definition of success, achievement, and fulfillment.

Without control

If we lack awareness, whatever will happen will let us react without control.Do not let external events govern our actions. MMQG practice is perfect for freeing you from external influences. It teaches you how to reclaim awareness of your body, mind, and soul, freeing you to choose what is the best choice.

Your life’s book

When it comes to your life, story, and journey, the only book and author you should read and follow it’s yourself. Write your book. MMQG enables you to be the author of your own life’s book.


We should take care, cultivate, foster our bodies, minds, and souls just as a gardener, weeding out all the wrong, useless things. MMQG is perfect for taking care of all of your being. Body, mind, and soul will be fostered so that you can start weeding out what is limiting your life.

Whole beings

Once we use our whole being – body, mind, and soul – to experience, live, and learn, we will start growing, achieving, and thriving.


If we don’t work on holistically growing with our body, mind, and soul, all our achievements will be just partial, not fulfilling.

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