You ask, I answer: being one.

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Welcome to another post of the series: “You ask, I answer“.

Today’s question is: “What does it mean that we need to holistically foster our bodies, minds, and souls, so as to be one?

That’s a really important question, so I am happy to give you a more detailed answer.

We all are made by a body, mind, and soul. Yet, we often take care of the need of just one or two of these parts of our being.

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This, as it’s easy to imagine, creates an unbalanced life that before or later takes its toll on us, often in forms we are not even aware of (think about stress, limiting behaviors, mindsets, attitudes, and so on).

So, as the body’s needs are different from the mind’s and soul’s ones, we need to give each of them exactly what they need.

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Whole beings

Once we use our whole being – body, mind, and soul – to experience, live, and learn, we will start growing, achieving, and thriving.

One way to achieve

We get what we work for. All we do with commitment and awareness brings us results. There are no shortcuts to achievement.


If we don’t work on holistically growing with our body, mind, and soul, all our achievements will be just partial, not fulfilling.

Stop looking for perfection and be better day by day

Stop looking for perfection and being flawless. Try to be a better version of yourself day by day, as that is the real way to grow.

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